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possible line for a fan fic or spec script

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?



Many licks.

Does it take.

To get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

You got me. How many?

The same number of hits that it will take me to put you on the floor.

It will be about Andrew Marlowe and he's going to write the cliffhanger ep for Season 3.  The cliffhanger will be Beckett getting married to someone else.  Marlowe falls alseep and is haunted by the Ghosts of Romantic Detective Couples of the Past, Present, and Future.  Ghosts of the Past will be Nick and Nora Charles, Ghosts of the Present will be Castle and Beckett, and Ghosts of the Future will be…Dave and Maddie. Why Dave and Maddie? Because their show was CANCELLED due to the stupid "keep em apart" plot points and that's the Future of Castle if Marlowe doesn't get with it!

Stay tuned.  This one is making me giggle.


Just uploaded the iPhone lj app. Testing it out

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Castle, Episode 301

Gina was nattering on about all the parties she and Rick would attend ("Yes, you will be writing everyday, but it's important to network, too!") while Rick couldn't get those words out of his head, "Have a nice summer" "Have a nice summer"?!

Gina stepped into the elevator, and pressed the lobby button. "Rick? What are you waiting for?" The doors began to close, and Rick turned away and began walking back into the squad room, "Rick!?"

As he walked back to where he left Kate, he was struck by her posture. She was still, like a statue, a cold emotionless mask setting in, surrounding her, protecting her. "Dammit," he muttered to himself, walking faster. He could literally see the walls being built up around her again, higher and stronger than before. She had turned and began to walk back to her desk.

"Kate-" he took hold of her elbow and stopped her.

"Castle? What are you doing here? I thought you were on your way-"

"What did you want to tell me?" He looked into her eyes, hoping he could at least break through the defenses she was beginning to build back up.

Kate caught her breath. He had caught her off guard, and she felt unsteady on her feet. She was reminded of the time when Will had told her about his move to Boston. She didn't need any more surprises like that one. She needed to regroup and put up her armor, and quickly.

"I...I wanted to say..."have a good summer" and....and...I--enjoyed working with you this year." She swallowed hard and decided now would be a good time to study her feet.

He took a deep breath and decided to plunge in. He was a story teller, and he was ready to tell her their story.


"Excuse me?"

"That is not what you were going to tell me."

She looked up at him, indignation coloring her features. "You know, I think I KNOW what I was telling you and I was telling you-"

"No!" It was a shout, but it was close. The tone of his voice had stopped several of the officers in their tracks, eyeing him suspicioiusly, wondering if now would be a good time to "intervene" with him, painfully if needed.

Rick looked around and immediately lowered his voice. "No. 'Have a good summer' is what you write in a year book. It's not what you pull someone out of a party to tell them privately. Now. What did you REALLY want to tell me?"

Kate looked up at him, shocked at his ability to always see through her, and suddenly feeling very vulnerable and at a loss for words; never a good combination. But the conversation was about to get a lot more awkward. Demming chose just that moment to walk up to them.


Rick had been staring at Kate so intently, he hadn't noticed Demming until he spoke. As usual, Demming was the proverbial "party pooper" and he chose a hell of a time to poop this party.

"Demming" Rick acknowledged him with a curt tone. He glanced at Kate. She looked like she wanted to throw up. Now he was really curious as to what was going on here.

Kate couldn't look Tom in the eyes. She remembered having a dream very much like this, only she was naked in it. "Hi," she managed, suddenly finding her fingernail polish very interesting.

"Look," Demming began, "I just wanted to say 'No Hard Feelings'"

"Oh. Right. Of course..." Rick had never felt this....BLIND before. What was going on here? What WAS Kate going to tell him? She wasn't actually going to say "have a good summer", was she? Oh god. What if she was going to say, "Tom asked me to marry him", or...(oh fucking christ) "I'm pregnant with Tom's child". Wait. Get a hold of yourself, Rick. Too much One Life To Live at a young age has affected you. Just act cool. See how this plays out...

Demming continued, "I just...uh....Kate is an...amazing woman....and I guess the better man won,"

Rick blinked twice. Wait. Is Demming gloating about this to me? Is this actually happening?

He looked over at Kate. She was paler than he had ever seen her. She was biting her cheek and refusing to look at either of them

Kate took a deep breath. She was hoping the ground would open up beneath her and swallow her whole, so she wouldn't have to experience any more of this particularly awkward conversation.

Demming didn't seem to notice their discomfort, or he didn't care, so he continued. "So, yeah. I just wanted to say I hope you both will be very happy together. Kate deserves it, and if you can give it to her, then...um..I'm...glad" he finished rather awkwardly and turned away.


Labor Day

You couldn't ask for better weather or a more festive gathering than the 12th precinct's Labor Day Picnic.

Wolfe's Pond Park was the traditional setting for their picnic. It had everything: the beach, hiking trails winding through a bucolic wooded area, basketball courts, fire pits and BBQ grills. And because the park had everything, the 12th Precinct Labor Day Picnic was the one CANNOT MISS event of the year.

Richard Castle was especially glad that he didn't miss it-it was a chance to see Kate "socially", and socialize at the same time with the Homicide Detectives he had come to see as friends.

Kate, of course, was already his friend; actually, they were *more than* friends, and had been since the beginning of the summer. That was the one drawback to the picnic: Kate and he would be there, but not as a couple. Kate had wanted to keep their personal and professional lives separate. And considering just how hard Esposito, Ryan and even Capt. Montgomery would ride them should their relationship become public, Rick tended to agree with her wishes.

But, oh dear God! It was hard. Today, especially. Kate had shown up in Daisy Duke styled cutoff shorts, a halter top and flip flops. If "smoking hot" was in the dictionary, it would have had a picture of Kate next to it. He didn't think he could last the entire day and well into the night without touching her, kissing her, finding those little, sensitive spots on her body that he could kiss and taste until she was sent over the edge with desire.

It seemed like it was impossible, until he noticed the hiking trails leading into the woods. And then he got an idea. A positively naughty, thrilling and thoroughly "Rick Castle" idea.

When the fire pit was lit, and the makings for s'mores came out, he and Kate would slip away from the group for a little "evening stroll"

"Evening stroll?" Kate asked doubtfully when Rick told her of his brilliant plan. "And where would we 'stroll', exactly?" she asked as she handed him a cooler filled with drinks to take to the picnic tables.

"Oh, I thought we could go into the woods," he replied, a sly smile playing about his face. "I hear the teddy bears are having a picnic" He wiggled his eyebrows up and down for emphasis.

Kate chuckled quietly to herself, thinking that all he was missing were a few "nudge, nudge, wink winks" to get his point across.

She considered for a moment. "Yeah. Um. Noooo, I don't think so, Castle. Someone will see."

"No, no! I got it all figured out! I'll slip away first, then you wait about 3 to 5 minutes, and then go and join me." He pointed to the sign indicating the start of the trail, "I'll be waiting right over there."

Kate chewed thoughtfully on her lip. "I don't know, Rick..."

"Kate, please. Consider it fulfilling a dying man's last wish!"

Kate barely suppressed a grin. "And exactly *what* are you dying of?"

Rick looked at her, soberly. "Arousal."

Kate rolled her eyes. "I don't think anyone has ever died of that, Rick"

"I'll be the first. It'll be known as 'Castle Cock-Block Syndrome'"

She was about to reply to this particularly outlandish claim when Esposito interrupted them.

"Guys need help with the coolers?"

Rick took the cooler from Kate and smiled knowingly. "Nah, man. We've got it. Make way for the Bringer of Bacchanalia Beverages!"

Stealing a glance back at Kate, Rick knew; she would be meeting him at the trail tonight. He just hoped he could keep himself together until then.


Actual message from LiveJournal to me:

You've only made 1 friend.

Subtext?  You. Suck.